WSOP 2019 Team 888 Poker Leads Chip Account in Main Event

This time on a new series WSOP 2019 the Main Tournament is held in which the team plays 888poker Squad, which brought together 85 poker players, including the official representatives of the poker room and those players who made it to this tournament thanks to special qualifying satellites. At the end of the third day of this tournament, 17 poker players from the team of "eights" were able to get into the prizes, and the minimum winnings in this zone are equal to 15 thousand dollars. With a total of 354 players remaining in the tournament, that is, quite a bit before the main prizes, Dean Morrone from Canada, who is part of this team of eights, became the leader in the number of chips.

By the way, the total amount of prize money won by this poker player at the moment is approximately 10 thousand dollars. With him now leading the fourth day of the World Series Main Event, he has already at least tripled his total live tournament winnings. At the same time, you need to understand that this Canadian wants to get a really big prize. Morrone came to Vegas because he won a satellite at Eights, which cost only $ 109. In his interview, he himself said that he was lucky to get to the Main Event, using only one hundred dollars for this. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, even the minimum prize money for him would become a really very impressive amount. He believed that if he could take even a little more than the minimum prize, it would be fantastic. 

Also, reflecting on what allowed him to become the chip leader so dramatically, he replied that it was all about one man who decided to set 120 blinds on the flop with no outs. As a result, Dean was able to easily take these chips, and their total number reached almost 5 million at the level of 10/20 thousand, which is an order of magnitude higher than most of the remaining participants.

By the way, Dean was not the only successful player from the “eights” team, because in the sixth place in the fourth day is another 888poker Squad player, whose name is Mihai Manole. By the way, he did not manage to earn his ticket to the Main Event as quickly as Dean, and his story is not so funny, but because of this, now it is becoming truly dramatic. Previously, he played satellites a few years ago, where he ended up spending $ 12,000 until he got a pass at the WSOP, so that time he just equalized his expenses and earnings. In 2018, he could not make it to the Main Event via satellites at all. This time, he started with $ 109 satellites, and he managed to enter the qualifier the second time. Here he was already able to earn a ticket to the Main Event for 12.6 thousand dollars.

It is also worth noting that Mihai Manole participated in the Main Event of the World Series 11 times, and only once in 2012 he was able to get to 122nd line, earning at least some minimum prize. This year, the Romanian has all the chances to greatly surpass his past results.

Other interesting news and stories from the members of the new team are expected soon. 888 Poker at this WSOP series.

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