Poker tips for beginners: what should you know at the beginning?

How to learn to play poker? This question is relevant for those who have just decided to start playing poker on the Internet. In this article, we will give a number of tips on how to better master poker, choose the best room for the game, when to start playing at high limits.

How to start learning poker?

Poker, like any other activity, requires mastering. You won't be able to make hundreds of dollars straight away if you have no experience. Even the most talented players devote years of training.

But in the first weeks you should pay attention to the following features of the game:

  • Examine how the distribution goes... Understand what preflop, flop, turn and river are;
  • Explore the main poker hands and their seniority... This will allow you not to spend a lot of time on determining the strength of the hand;
  • Find out, what possibilities do you have on each betting round;
  • Start mastering basic poker strategies... It is not necessary to delve into this information, it will be enough to at least know the basic styles of the game.

Combining theory and practice

It is also important that you immediately begin to assimilate theoretical knowledge through practice. This will be more useful than you will study the textbooks. Therefore, it is important to find a room where you can play for play chips.

Play for play chips will allow you to fight against the weak players of the room without risking your savings. You can master both the game itself and the control features in the selected room.

How to choose a poker room?

Better right away choose a site, on which it will be most profitable and interesting for you to play. Ideal if you immediately find a platform with optimal conditions. If you do not have to switch to another room, you will accumulate bonuses and you will quickly get used to managing in a separate client.

When choosing a room, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Availability... The site must be open around the clock. You should also be able to access it from any country. Even online poker is prohibited in the state, the presence of mirrors of the official website solves the problem with blocking;
  • Safety... It is important that you can safely keep your money in the account in the room. Therefore, pay attention to the reputation of the site and official licenses for work;
  • Variety of games and tournaments... It is important to find a room where you can play different types of poker. This will allow you to find the most profitable and interesting form of poker;
  • Traffic... Choose a room with decent traffic. Ideally, poker players of different levels will play in the room;
  • Deposit and withdrawal of money... It is better to look for a room in which there are various ways to deposit and withdraw currency. Look for sites with minimal transfer fees;
  • Bonus system... Choose a room with great opportunities to receive bonuses. It makes sense to play in rooms with a gift for registration, the first deposit, the ability to wager the rake.

We can recommend four rooms in which all of the above conditions are met: Party Poker, 888Poker, Poker Stars, Poker House... Choose any of these rooms to start a successful online game.

When to play real money tables?

We recommend that you only raise your limits early in the game if you already feel confident in poker. Moreover, if you managed to make money on micro-stakes in one day, this does not mean that you need to immediately switch to playing at higher stakes. The criterion for mastering the limit will be constant profit over long distances.

So, you can gradually master the game at higher limits, moving from one level to another.

You understand how to learn how to play poker at the initial limits, all that remains is to create an account in the room and start!

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