Pokerdom promo code: what is it and how to use it?

If you are just starting to play poker, then it is better to do it on the most favorable terms, in which the Pokerdom promo code can help you. This feature allows you to significantly increase your starting bankroll, it would be a significant omission to refuse such an opportunity. 

To prevent this, we will tell you all the details of this promo from the best Russian-speaking room.

How to enter a Pokerdom promo code

To enter a promo code, there is no need for any additional or complex actions. This is quite simple to do: 

  1. When registering, after filling out the form, find the item "enter the promo code";
  2. Enter the code itself.

Entering the promotional code will not work correctly, since the system will notify you of an error in spelling. In addition, please note that each player is entitled to only one account, therefore, you can also enter one promotional code. If this rule is violated, the administration will block all accounts.

What is the essence of the promo code

It's no secret that in 2020 there is an abundant number of poker rooms on the Internet. To attract new players, Pokerdom runs special incentive promotions that help both beginners and experienced players to successfully start a career in the room. Considering that by entering a promo code you do not spend or lose anything, but only gain

What kind of promotion you will receive is difficult to say, because the room is constantly changing the conditions of the promotion.

What exactly does the code give

Before activating the promo code, visit Pokerdom official websiteto make sure of the conditions of participation in the promotion or learn new ones. 

At the moment, the promotional code during registration offers newbies the following:

  1. Bonus 150% for 1 deposit;
  2. Pass to private freerolls in several disciplines, including Chinese poker;
  3. The ability to participate in rake races;
  4. VIP status;
  5. Participation in the Halva program.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q: How important is the case of letters when activating a code?

A: The register is important, but you can't make a mistake by entering an incorrect one, the system simply discards it and asks you to re-enter it.

Q: Can I enter a code if I forgot to do it during registration?

A: No, unfortunately, you can enter a promo code only during registration.

Q: Does the promo code cancel the first deposit bonus?

A: No, these are two independent promotions, upon registration you get both bonuses when you enter a promo code, as well as a first deposit bonus up to 150%.

Q: Does it play the role of a promotional code input device?

A: Doesn't play. You can activate the Pokerdom promo code both from your PC and from any mobile device based on Android or iOS. 

Q: Are bonus codes and promo codes the same?

A: No, these are two different things. The promo code can be activated once, upon registration. While bonus codes you can enter in a special section "Cashier", in your account.

Q: The promo code does not work, where can I see the list of current codes?

A: you can see a list of all current Pokerdom promo codes on the official website. The Pokerdom promo code is constantly updated, so before entering the code, visit the site or write to the support service of the room with a corresponding request. 

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