Features of the game of Chinese poker

Chinese poker Is a fairly popular format. They love to play it all over the world, not only in China. This type of poker is attractive for its uniqueness: you can hardly recognize Texas Hold'em or Omaha in it.

In this article, we will explain the basic rules of playing Chinese poker. Read on and start playing today.

Basic rules of the game

So, first, let's figure out what is the peculiarity of this format.

Each of the players at the table has three boxes in which they need to invest their cards. They collect combinations:

  • Bottom box... It contains 5 cards. Moreover, it should be the strongest of the three combinations;
  • Medium box... Here, too, you need to put five cards, which should be medium in strength;
  • Upper box... Put 3 cards here to make the weakest combination.

Players need to lay out three rows of cards with combinations of a certain strength. 

The table can accommodate 2 to 4 people. But the most popular format of the game is between 3 poker players.

If you break the sequence of combinations by strength, all your boxes will be considered "dead". This means that you will lose to all players when comparing hands at the end of the hand.

Once you have placed cards in the boxes, you cannot move them to another place. Therefore, determining the correct box for a card is a matter that requires both skill and intuition.

Stages of distribution

In Chinese poker, there are three stages of a single hand:

  • Players are first dealt five cards in hand. They can distribute them into boxes - all opponents will see it;
  • After that, clockwise from the button, the players receive one card each and put it in the boxes. And so on until all the cells are filled;
  • Then the opponents compare their combinations and get points, depending on the strength of their hands.

Scoring is a separate science in Chinese poker. If you play online, the system will automatically calculate the accumulated points. But you get extra points if: 

  • Beat your opponent in all three boxes;
  • Collect a strong combination in one of the boxes;
  • Defeat your opponents in one of the boxes.

Fantasy game mode

In Chinese poker there is a special format of the game, which gives great chances of winning for the players. In order to switch to this format, the player must collect a pair of queens or a stronger combination in the upper box (and so that his hand does not turn out to be dead).

If the player succeeded, then in the next hand he will play mode "Fantasy"... It means:

  • He will receive all 13 cards at the beginning of the deal and will lay them out in the dark. Moreover, he will be able to see how his opponents lay out the cards;
  • He will be able to switch to Fantasy mode again if he succeeds in making a set in the bottom box, four of a kind in the top box, or a full house in the middle.

As you can imagine, this round brings the most points. But to go to the "Fantasy" mode, you will need to accomplish the almost impossible.

In this type of poker, the game is played up to a certain number of points. The distribution is fast enough and the winner can be determined in 10-30 minutes.

You just have to find good room where you can play Chinese poker... After that, go through the registration and start enjoying each distribution. Chinese poker is a great chance to diversify your gaming routine and get an influx of new emotions in the game!

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