Partypoker LIVE Tournament App Review

Modern people use mobile applications so often that they have already become an important part of everyday life. So, for example, poker players constantly check one special partypoker LIVE appwhich seriously simplifies many of the nuances associated with poker tournament competitions. In this article, we will provide an overview of this application and explain why you should use it.

It should be noted right away that this application is developed for both iOS and Android.

Tournament schedules

Immediately after switching to this program, the user will be able to look at the schedule of all the most important tournaments and the main series of the room, which, in principle, can be called the most necessary information that most of the players are interested in. Here you can find out when the new poker festivals will take place and what games are planned here, as well as information about interesting promotions and discounts for players. Application users can also quickly find out about upcoming poker parties and other useful information.

Convenient registration

Those poker players who constantly participate in the partypoker series know for sure that during registration, the player also receives a special bracelet from the room, which subsequently serves as proof that the participant really agrees with all the established terms and conditions. If a participant has studied and agreed with all the rules through the application, he can simply scan a special barcode in this application, so that he will eventually be given this bracelet, which allows him to enter the tournament. To do this, the poker player, while inside the application, simply shake his mobile device so that a barcode is displayed on the screen.

Partypoker's local currency

Those players who are used to using a special internal currency of the room, which is called PPL, will also find their advantages in this application. Players here can check their current PPL score at any time, and also use them to quickly advance to the required tournament.

By the way, for those who have not yet started using this internal currency, the application contains information about all the nearest satellites, as well as about promotions through which new PPLs can be earned.

Tournament results

Here users can also study the results of the past poker series, and here there is also table-structured data on prize payments from tournament competitions. When the streak is still in progress, you can watch chip accounts from those games streamed by partypoker. At the same time, the application developers are now busy making sure that the Russian language appears in the program in text broadcasts. Now they can be viewed in Russian through a browser.


If the user of this application has his own individual players of interest, he can subscribe to the news of these poker players. For example, here you can subscribe to Ludovik Geilich, Anatoly Filatov and many other poker stars. In addition, the user himself can talk about his results, as well as about distributions and other interesting news, sharing them with his subscribers.

What's new?

In addition, there is another section in the application where partypoker publishes new information about upcoming promotions, series, as well as interviews with poker stars, which can be read in Russian translation, as well as other interesting information.

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