We bypass the blocking by Pokerdom using a mirror

Mirror Pokerdom is what helped Russian players to come to terms with the periodic blocking of the room. In this article, we will dwell in detail on this method of bypassing the blocking of the site, so that in the appropriate situation you have a ready-made algorithm of action.

List of current pokerdom mirrors

Official mirror Pokerdom

First, let's talk about what a mirror is. A mirror is a complete copy of the official site, which is located at a different URL, on the mirror you have the same functions as on the official site, namely:

  • Register a new account and go through the verification procedure;
  • Make transactions on the account (deposit and withdrawal of funds);
  • Write to the support service;
  • Find out about the new products of the room and the conditions for their implementation;
  • Download the official client for PC or mobile gadgets.

When using this circumvention method, it is important to use the official mirror, since there is a possibility of running into fraudulent sites that can cause significant harm to your personal data. To prevent this from happening, check the current list of mirrors from the support service of the room ([email protected]). In addition, pay attention to how the address of the mirror is written, official mirrors always contain the word "pokerdom" + add. part (another word, particle, number).

Pros of using a mirror:

  • Access to all functions of the room without losing stable work;
  • One hundred percent security guaranteed by the room, all mirrors support the same protection protocols as the main site;
  • Ease of use, it is easy to go to the mirror, it does not reduce the speed of your Internet, game sessions are held without freezes and other "artifacts". In addition, mirrors are blocked much slower than the official site, and can work for 4-5 months.

Alternative ways to bypass blocking

In addition to the mirror, there are at least 4 alternative methods for bypassing the blocking, which are popular with players:

  • TURBO - mode. Present in some browsers (Opera, Yandex), it is a special add-on that increases the speed of the data being passed and allows you to bypass the blocking;
  • VPN. Translated into Russian "virtual private network", a technology that replaces your IP address with another (for example, Russian into European, despite the fact that you are playing from Russia). Implemented as browser extensions and standalone applications for mobile devices;
  • Tor browser. Thor and similar browsers use onion technology that helps hide your path on the Internet and bypass site blocking;
  • DNS. It is a rather difficult method to implement, which also hides your IP, but within the framework of your computer, it is used by "bored" users. 

These methods are working and are widely used by players, however, most of them have significant drawbacks of one nature or another (for example, a drop in the speed of the Internet connection or even the inability to bypass the blocking (turbo mode)). At a minimum, they can be used to gain access to the main site, where you can already get acquainted with the list of mirrors or find out the latest news from the room.

Mirror Pokerdom is the most optimal and simple solution to bypass the blocking for most players, this is also evidenced by the statistics on the use of mirrors, which exceeds all other bypass methods described above.

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