PokerMatch is polled for HUD permission

At the end of 2020, at the PokerMatch, a vote was held between the players to allow or prohibit trekkers in the room. 1,378 poker players supported the innovation, and 1,682 players voted against it.

However, the total number of votes (3,060) is only 8% from all active players for the week. Plus, it was the most advanced players who voted against adding support for trekkers.

The executive director of the poker room - Ruslan Bangert said that such a survey confused everything even more. Therefore, in order to obtain more specific and detailed data on the opinion of poker players, the room decided to concretize the questions for further polling.

Allow or Deny HUD

HUD resolution is on the agenda this week. Therefore, players only need to log in to the client and enter: DAHUD - allow or NETHUD - deny.

Votes are accepted until 00:00 from Thursday to Friday.

The results of the survey will be used for further decision-making by the management. PokerMatch... Even if most of the players support this, the appearance of the HUD will not happen immediately.

The poker room will continue voting until it receives the necessary statistics to approve the decision. 

In the near future, a survey will be held on the following questions:

  • Is there a need to add a HUD and support for trekkers;
  • Is it necessary to download the hand history;
  • Do you need hidden nicknames in hand histories.

The question of adding or banning auxiliary software is one of the most important for every poker site. However, now there is a tendency to prohibit it or replace it with other tools built into the poker room. It is difficult to predict which decision PokerMatch will make, but every poker player has a chance to express his opinion.

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