A million and a trip to Sochi for the best from Pokerdom

Last Saturday on Pokerdom started "May holidays" - a grandiose race with a total prize of one million rubles. And since there are also prize tickets for the upcoming Anniversary Festival on the occasion of the room's 5th anniversary as additional prizes, this means that the advertising campaign continues.

This time in Pokerdom paid the closest attention to the game for cash: in "Vacations" only cash tables for Hold'em and both Omaha variants - regular and High-Low take part. Playing with them, each user will receive one point in a special table for each ruble of rake.

According to the terms of this promotion, the first half dozen players in this table were to receive prizes. However, Pokerdom decided to increase the chances of its users and divided them into three categories - depending on the size of the limits they will play at.

Thus, three leagues were formed at once:

  • Higher, where they play for 25/50 rubles and above;
  • The first one with limits from 10/20 to 15/30 rubles;
  • And the second, where the rates start from 0.5 / 1 ruble and go up to 5/10 rubles.

Naturally, prizes are awarded to members of each of the leagues. They are united by the principle of completing the prize fund: if the top lines in each of the leaderboards receive both money and tickets to tournaments in Sochi, then less successful ones get only money.

In the major league, a pass for Pokerdom Anniversary Festival will receive the first ten players from the list, the first will have five, and the second only three. Of course, the amounts also differ: the delta in the second league fluctuates between a thousand rubles for 11-15 places and 25 thousand rubles for a player occupying the first row of the leaderboard, in the first with a similar distribution of places it will already be from one and a half to 50 thousand rubles, and in higher education - from 2750 rubles to 75 thousand.

Detailed information about which Pokerdom Anniversary Festival tournaments will be awarded tickets, as well as the amounts for places 9-2 (or in reverse order), can be found in the attached screenshots. The main thing is to remember that May Holidays have already started and will end next Sunday.




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