The best poker rooms: which site to play for a beginner

Newbie poker is available anytime. The main thing is to find good site to play... And there are many different offers on the net now. There are Russian, European, American, Asian rooms. Some users like to play in South American venues. The choice is so great that it becomes almost impossible to find the perfect site.

In this post, we'll take a look at four platforms and describe their main benefits. And you can make a choice based on your preferences. These rooms are in the top 10 of the most popular sites for playing on the Internet.


Popular room, which became known already at its creation - about 20 years ago. Now you can find many advantages on it:

  • Generous bonus system... This is what the Eights bribe new players with. You can get $ 88 for registration, up to $ 600 for your first deposit. The room also has a loyalty program - you can earn points and receive gifts for new levels in the program;
  • Software... The room can be played through the version for the phone, computer or directly through the browser. Programs work quickly, do not lag, they can be customized for yourself. The software is free and can be downloaded in a couple of clicks on the official site of the site;
  • Ease of registration and speed of verification... You can create a profile on the official Eights page. Three simple steps - and you can enter the room. Verification is also not difficult: your application will be processed in a few days.


And this is the most popular room in the world, where users from all over the world play. And they chose this site not just like that:

  • Playing field... Thanks to constant traffic, you can always find opponents on the site at any limits. Moreover, you can always find tables on which you will be comfortable playing. Where can you earn and get new gaming experience;
  • Variety of tables and tournaments... The room has many different types of poker, tournament formats, limits, additional options at the tables. This means that you can find the most profitable games from which you can get more pleasure;
  • Fast support service... User requests are processed in a few hours. You can send a request by email, contact the staff by phone or online chat. Moreover, this can be done in Russian.


This room also known among users. He earned his popularity for:

  • Refundable up to 40% of paid rake... This loyalty program allows you to earn rake points and receive weekly cashback. This is especially beneficial for those who place large bets in the game;
  • Freerolls... There are many free tournaments in the room. And this is a chance to receive additional income at no cost. Moreover, freerolls are often open to all players without additional passwords;
  • Deposit and withdrawal of money... You can make transactions at Party Poker in various ways: through debit cards, bank transfers, online systems. Moreover, the room does not charge transaction fees.

Poker dom

The last one on our list is the Russian room Poker House... This is a room with a variety of benefits. Especially for Russian players:

  • The ability to place bets in rubles... You will be able to replenish your account and put money in rubles, which will allow you not to spend money on currency conversion (as it happens in other rooms). You can also replenish your account through some Russian banks and via SMS using SIM cards of Russian operators;
  • Generous promotions... At Poker House, you can get rewards for your first deposit, return rake, invite friends and get rewards for this. On the site, temporary promotions are often launched, timed to the holidays.

Poker for beginners will become especially exciting if they choose the above rooms to play constantly.

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