How to play poker on a computer

Now the computer game of poker is available to everyone - this does not require a powerful technique, but an ordinary computer will do. You can simply register on the online poker site and play for fun.

What you can do in online poker rooms

To play poker on PC, you need to find a poker room - an online poker room where you can play in real time with other users. There are a lot of poker rooms, but everyone has the opportunity to:

  • take advantage of pleasant bonuses;
  • download a client for the game;
  • participate in profitable promotions;
  • play Texas Hold'em, Omaha and other types of poker;
  • play for real money and play chips;
  • participate in single-table and multi-table tournaments;
  • play free tournaments - freerolls, no investment.

To start the game, you need to register an account.

How to register a poker account

By choosing preferred poker room, you can register an account in your name and play. The registration form in different poker rooms is similar. You can freely create an account in any poker room if you are over 18 years old. For this you need:

  1. Go to the official website of the selected poker room.
  2. Find a link with registration - it will be immediately visible on the main page.
  3. Enter email.
  4. Come up with a username and password.
  5. Enter the bonus promo code, if any.
  6. Enter your real data.

The last point is very important. If you enter incorrect data, the poker room will consider your account to be fraudulent, freeze your account, and you will not be able to withdraw your winnings. This must be remembered if you are registering from someone else's device, which already has a poker room account. Just contact support and your account will be fine.

In addition, real data is needed in order to verify the account. At the verification stage, you will be asked to provide scans of the document to confirm your identity. If the information does not match the profile, you will not be able to withdraw funds.

How to bypass poker room blocking

On the territory of Russia and other CIS countries, the problem of blocking poker rooms is often encountered. According to the law of the Russian Federation, gambling activities on the territory of the country are prohibited, as for online poker. Therefore, when you try to enter the site, you may encounter access restrictions. It can be circumvented quite simply and it will not be illegal. To bypass the blocking, you can use:

  1. VPN. You can download VPN as a separate program or install the extension directly in your browser, which is very convenient. There are paid and free versions - the latter are distinguished by their limited speed and functionality. In general, if you download the client, you won't need a VPN as often, so the free version will do just fine.
  2. Mirror. Poker room administrators create special twin sites that have identical functionality as the original. The address is also similar, it differs only in the presence of a couple of additional characters. Mirrors are also often blocked, and you have to look for new ones, which is not very convenient. However, you won't have to visit the site too often, and new mirrors appear instantly.
  3. TOP browser. The browser uses an encryption method that not only allows you to visit closed sites, but also protects your personal information. It can be downloaded completely free of charge from the developers website.

How to download a poker client to your computer

If you have a computer, then you can definitely download the client of the desired poker room. For this you need:

  1. Go to the official site of the site.
  2. Find the download link and click on it.

The file will automatically download to your computer. All that remains is to install it, and a computer game of poker is in your pocket.

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