How to play Omaha: rules of the game and tips for beginners

The rules of Omaha are not difficult to learn. To master the basic skills, you will need to spend several hours. And if you've played Texas Hold'em before, you won't have any problems at all.

Omaha is the second most popular poker format played on all known platforms. Today you can find Omaha tables at different limits on Pokerstars, 888poker, PartyPoker, PokerDom.

In this article we will tell you about the features of the Omaha game.

Fundamental rules

The course of the deal is the same as in Texas Hold'em. There are five stages of the game:

  • Preflop... On it, players post blinds, receive cards in their hands, make initial bets;
  • Flop... Three cards appear on the table, which can be used to make combinations (by combining them with the cards in hand). After the auction is held;
  • Thorn... Another card is laid out on the dealer's table. It can also be used to make combinations. After that, another round of bidding is held:
  • River... The last card appears on the table. Now users know all their chances of winning and it remains to determine the winner. As soon as the rates are equal, the players compare the strength of the combinations.

Note that in order to win in Omaha, players need to achieve one of the goals:

  • Or collect the best combination and take the pot at the last stage;
  • Or to remain the only poker player at the table, forcing opponents to fold.

A standard 52-card deck without jokers is used for the game.

It would seem that the rules completely coincide with the rules of the game of Texas Hold'em. What are the differences in Omaha?

  • The main difference is that the players are not given 2, but four cards;
  • To make a combination, the player must use two cards from his hand. If there are three spades on the table, and the player has one more on his hand, he will not be able to collect a flush;
  • The reverse situation also does not work if the player wants to use 3 or 4 cards from his hand.

What types of Omaha are there?

In the rooms, it is most often offered to play various types of Omaha Poker, which differ in the main thing - the seniority of the combinations in the game. Here main types this poker format:

  • Regular Omaha... In this case, the highest combination is considered to be Royal Flush. And then descending, like in Texas Hold'em;
  • Omaha High / Low... It can be won in two ways - by collecting either the strongest combination or the weakest;
  • Five Card Omaha... This type of game is distinguished by the fact that the players are given five cards instead of four. The rest of the rules remain the same.

There are also different types of Omaha in the rooms, which differ in the size of the contributions. You can find tables with micro, low, medium and high limits. As a rule, all such tables are played on popular venues. Therefore, you can choose Omaha Poker as the main discipline you will be playing.

Note that many tournaments are held in Omaha. Moreover, it can be all kinds of online series, large events in live mode. At the WSOP, many of the events take place in Omaha.

We recommend that you immediately combine the study of theory with practice: start with small bets of a few cents. After mastering such a bar, move on to more serious investments. Don't be surprised if it takes months or even years.

You just have to learn the rules of Omaha, start training at the poker tables and start playing from low limits, raising your level.

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