Play poker without investment for play chips and money

To play poker without money, take advantage of the starter bonuses for beginners, participate in tournaments with free registration. Also, in many rooms, a game for play money is available. From the review, you will learn how to sit down at the gambling table without making a deposit.

No deposit bonuses for newbies

Poker rooms are interested in new visitors, so they offer them bonuses for registration - gift money, tournament tickets. The best conditions for beginners operate on 888 Poker, PartyPoker, Poker house and PokerStars.

Bezdep on 888 Poker

Eights give beginners a $88 no deposit simply for creating a game profile. It is charged in parts:

  • The first $8 are credited to the account immediately after registration;
  • Another $80 dollars is wagered for points, which are given for the rake.

The game has only 90 days to wager the entire amount. The more actively a poker player participates in tournaments and cash games, the higher his chances of getting all parts of the no-deposit.

Gift 1,000 rubles from PokerDom

The Russian room offers new visitors 1,000 RUB for registration. To get no deposit you need:

  • Create a game profile;
  • Send a photo of an identity document to technical support;
  • Write to the support operator in the online chat to receive a bonus.

Using no deposit, you can play poker without material risk.

Studying in Beginners Bankroll Challenge from PokerStars

The administration of "Red Peaks" offers beginners to study at their own poker school. As they learn, players complete simple missions. For completing quests, a reward is due:

  • Real money;
  • Tournament tickets.

By receiving promotions from PokerStars, you can play for real money without making a deposit.

Free Tournaments

Freerolls are poker events that do not require a buy-in to participate. And although players do not make mandatory contributions, they receive real prizes for winning the tournament:

  • Tournament money;
  • Tickets to prestigious events;
  • Cash for participating in competitions and regular games.

Free tournaments are open and private. In the first, any visitors of the room can participate, and for registration in the second, they present passwords, gift tickets or fulfill certain conditions.

Exclusive PokerArt Series Freerolls

There are PokerArt Series freerolls in several well-known poker rooms. They have a number of advantages over other free tournaments:

  1. A small number of participants. The PokerArt Series is a private freeroll with few players. And the fewer participants, the higher the chances of winning the event.
  2. Solid prize money. The freeroll raffles from $ 250 to $ 500. So, winning several of these tournaments will increase your starting capital several times.
  3. Additional prizes. In individual poker rooms, the ranking of the best players is taken into account. Participants who took 5 first places receive additional gifts - money, gadgets, branded souvenirs.

To take part in the PokerArt Series, register at the poker room using the specified link.

Play for Play Money

Beginners do not have to risk their money by playing the play chips. This option is available in many well-known poker rooms:

  • PokeDom;
  • PartyPoker;
  • 888 Poker;
  • PokerStars, etc.

And although playing on "candy wrappers" does not generate income, it has many advantages. Beginners can quickly master the rules of the game of poker, work out the learned techniques and strategies. However, please note that chips won cannot be redeemed for real money or valuable prizes.

Is it possible to make money on the game without investment?

A game without material risk will not bring big money. This format is more suitable for beginners and those who are going to "skate" exclusively at micro-stakes. Large sums are not raffled at minimum bets, so there is no reason to count on solid prize money.

To turn poker into a tool for making money, you need to:

  • Master the rules of the game of poker;
  • Learn poker strategies;
  • Use different tactics;
  • Go to the game at expensive tables.

As you can see, you can play poker without money, but to earn large sums you will have to create deposits and participate in paid tournaments with high guarantees.

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