888poker club - available prizes and bonus levels

888poker club invites all visitors to take part in the loyalty program in order to enjoy every game and the opportunity to win many times more. Playing at 888 Poker, participants gradually gain points. In the future, they can be exchanged for valuable prizes or a cash bonus of $ 1-10.

Bonus levels

888poker bonus levels

In 2016 poker room 888Poker updated its loyalty program. Previously, its terms were more favorable for professional players. Now they are tempting and favorable for all poker lovers. There is no need to sit at tables day and night to maintain your status. Now the level you have reached is assigned to your account forever.

You have the opportunity to constantly increase your level by climbing the stairs to rank 1500. First you need to earn 1 point. With each subsequent level, the tasks become more difficult. For example, to reach the fifth level, you need to accumulate one hundred points, the tenth - two hundred points, and 1500 - 23,500 points.

For each completed stage, the player is awarded Gold Tokens. They can be used to exchange valuable prizes. As the status increases, the number of points awarded increases.

Mission 888Poker

Missions at 888poker club

To quickly reach the desired level and receive a large number of points, participants need to complete special tasks.

These are the most diverse missions:

  • Play at cash tables for cash;
  • Register for tournaments;
  • Open several times a day by the client;
  • Place bets in casinos and sports.

Upon successful completion of the task, you will be awarded additional points. Success can be determined by the color opposite the mission:

  • Green - successfully completed and the administration of the room has credited points to your account;
  • Gray - the passage time has expired, so the points assigned for this task will not be awarded;
  • Orange - processing the result, expected response time - 72 hours.

This promotion is very profitable - the player is awarded additional points, the level up is accelerated and additional rakeback is due.

For unfulfilled tasks, the administration does not impose any fines or penalties. Therefore, if you did not have time to complete the mission, you can move on to another task without any problems.


The 888Poker rakeback system provides a refund in the form of in-game Golden Tokens. As soon as you have a sufficient number of points on your account, you can exchange them for the purchase of various goods within the in-game store.

To sell points, do the following:

  • Go to the "My Profile" menu;
  • At the top left, click on "Online store" or "implement golden tokens".

The poker room has a large assortment of products for every taste and at different prices:

  • Tournament ticket $5.50 Big Fish - 400;
  • $ 10 bonus - 1000;
  • Branded poker room T-shirt - 2595;
  • Phillips headphones - 4655;
  • Swarovski earrings - 5590;
  • Apple AirPods - 21945;
  • GoPro camera - 55730;
  • Sony PlayStation 4 - 55860;
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 - 146300, etc.

Remember, after 60 days, unspent tokens will be automatically canceled, so try to have time to spend them.

Except real prizes 888Poker The club invites visitors to take part in free tournaments. The amount of the prize pool will depend on your level:

  • 5 - you have the opportunity to compete for a prize of $50;
  • After 100 - the amount increases to $10,000.

Another nice addition - all 888Poker PL members can register at tournament $500 Level Up. The room spends it every day at 23:00 Moscow time.

Popular questions

How to become a member of PL 888Poker

Bonuses are awarded automatically to everyone who started playing for real cash. The main task is to regularly complete the available tasks and missions.

Where can I see my level

In the "Tasks" section, you can always see the current status.

What to do with a scratch card

The leadership of the eights gives the participants a scratch card for each passing the fifth level. Erase the protective layer to see what kind of reward you received. These can be extra points, real money, or tournament tickets.

888poker club gives all members the opportunity to improve their status, earn extra points to buy a wide variety of prizes.

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