$ 105 Million for SCOOP: New PokerStars Record

After graduation Spring Championship of Online Poker organizing it Pokerstars published its results. As expected in the gaming community, the main goal of the "stars" was to wipe their nose at the competitors, and it seems that they succeeded.

The red-of-spades simply could not do otherwise - after PartyPoker took their MTT record at the end of last year, it was necessary to urgently set a new one. It was the amount that PokerStars allocated for a two-week streak: from May 12 to May 27, it was planned to play $ 75 million in more than two hundred tournaments!

However, these were only assumptions - the reality surpassed the most daring forecasts. According to official statistics, over the entire time of SCOOP, more than a million entries were made to its events, which allowed the stars to overtake the payments of last year's championship by more than 10 million and reach a nine-digit result.

The total prize money paid out totaled over $ 105.1 million, making the Spring Online Poker Championship one of the most cash streak in the history of the game. However, these are far from all the achievements of SCOOP-2019 - the rest of the data provided by PokerStars deserve no less respect.

So the most impressive achievement was the victory Gianluca Speranza, acting under the pseudonym Tankanza. He not only won the main event of the High-category championship worth 10.3 thousand dollars, beating six and a half hundred competitors, but also did it for the second time in a row: last year he won the Main Event too, having deposited over a million dollars.

And such as Gianluca, at SCOOP-2019 there were a dozen or so fifteen people, including the notorious Mike Leah, won two championship titles. All winners were paid a total of almost 15.6 million dollars, but the investment of the player under the pseudonym lucascostaf paid off the most, who invested 2.2 dollars and won 21.4 thousand.

In total, representatives of 39 countries played in 219 events of the Spring Online Poker Championship. Most often, the Brazilians became triumphants, who took 36 first places, and the second and third steps of this podium were shared by the Russians and the British, who have 19 victories each.

To summarize, it should be noted that PokerStars has managed to retain the title of the best. And although they are stepping on their heels PartyPoker with their MILLIONS Online, finding with different levels of entry fees at SCOOP allowed the Stars to maintain their position in the MTT market, as well as to ensure that they chose the right course for the poker classics.

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